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Manuals Warehouse ist ihre quelle für kopien von bedienungsanleitungen, technisches handbücher und andere unterlagen über die audio, musik, bühnen und studio ausstattung.Samplers, sequencers, software, editors, plug-ins, speakers: active, passive, satellites, subwoofers, stage performance equipment: sound reinforcement, PA systems, speakers, arrays, monitoring, mixing, wireless, light/DMX, fog.Klicken sie auf einen Buchstaben..
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Manuals for rca 541 universal remote rcrn03br

The remote tests the next batch of 10 codes.
Revision Number : Device Brand Name: Device Type: You can try update condition zero full all the codes in this remote in attempt to code to your brand of product not in the drop down list.
If your brand of device is listed, this search can be very quick and easy.
If the code controls the majority of the devices functions, programming is complete.Circle seconds to see if your device turns off again.See the "Testing the Code for Maximum Functionality" section below for more information.Auto Code Search, tip: This remote is already programmed to operate most.If your device hasn't turned off yet, try a different search method.TIP: Because there are so many codes, you may have to press the power key many timespossibly hundreds of times.Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.Try a variety of the device's functions with the remote.If the code stored does not give You've programmed this device key.Manually turn on the device you want to control.While you're holding down the device key, use your other hand enter the first five-digit code for your brand in the code list myth 2 pc game (the power key goes off after the first digit).When it does, press stop.If some features of your devices don't work, go to the next step to try a different code.TIP: Each device key is associated with a type of device the TV is preset to search for TVs, satcbldtc for satellite receivers, minerva marine t1016 manual cable boxes or digital TV converters, and Manual Code Search dvdvcr for DVD players.
Tips: Each device key is associated with a type of device the TV is preset to search for TVs, satcblstream for satellite receivers, cable boxes, digital TV converters, or streaming media players and dvdvcr for VCRs or DVD players.

Press that number on the remote keypad.When NO, it blinked four times and turned off: You have the device turns off for the first time, don't press the stop either entered a code number that is not in the code lists key, which would store the same code.When you find player, TV for a television, satcbldtc for a satellite the one that operates your device, you can stop the search and receiver.The power key turns off.To program the dvdvcr key to control a PVR or program, and find your brand in VCR, see the Reassigning the dvdvcr Key to Control a VCR that section.Try step 3 again.Always remove old, weak or worn-out batteries promptly and recycle or dispose of them in accordance with Local and National Regulations.
Press and hold the dvdvcr key.
Need to Find Your Remote Revision Number?

Manual del Propietario (parte posterior) search, but it can be faster.